Friday, July 29, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

not wasted

i wish i could write something interesting about my life
but as of the moment there is really nothing much to say other than
i've been doing all the mommy chores and relaxing at the same time. 
i will probably post mostly inspirational photos and i hope you'll like them.


home office inspiration

wouldn't you like to work in an office setup like this?
 and wouldn't it be great 
to have your home office designed like one of these?

 vintage modern minimalist

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

orla kiely

i adore orla kiely's designs. 
these images maybe floating around the internet but i don't care! 
i'm sharing with you again these cute outfits.


watch this very unique video.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

michelle williams

i recently watched blue valentine and was so impressed with michelle williams acting. 
she should win a best actress award for this movie.

victorian feel

modern victorian

 i love the simplicity of this design especially the pink touch
with everything else white. gorgeous.
a modern victorian with a little color does the trick.

Friday, July 8, 2011

vintage charm

it is always fascinating to look at victorian and rustic inspired designs. i think shabby chic is the updated version of it. actually i don't even know the difference between the two. all i know is that i love the vintage feel and it's always nice to add touches of victorian and rustic decor like old mirrors, fancy chandeliers to make it unique.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

artist behind

i'm supposed to be having lunch right now with my youngest daughter but got distracted with daphne's new blog. one word, glamorous. i saw it once last night and tried to visit again today, so i googled just now and as i typed her name, i saw another link that shows Isabel gatuslao. i thought for a second- does she have the same name as daphne's? (duh) cors not.

anyway, her website is awesome too. she is the artist behind daphne's website.
check her out isabel gatuslao

my passion

one of the great things that have come along with blogging is my passion for photography, and arts and interior designs. i took up fine arts advertising which i now realize it should have been interior design. i wasn't able to graduate because i got pregnant and started a family at a young age. in other words, my passion for arts was abruptly halted. so seeing people who are mad crazy about their passion, especially with the help of technology, has left me wondering, am i too old for this and maybe already too late to even start now?

i love blogging. and i am so overwhelmed because there are lots of passion, talents, great style and taste flying around out here in the blog world, at times i feel maxed out with all the creativeness i come across from surfing the web. to see how they have achieved so much and how well they put things together, it completely makes me feel very insecure about how i do my own thing here. and to be honest, it's the reason behind the lack of posts lately. i know i shouldn't be feeling this way. it's a shame that i do.

i guess what i wanted to say is, i am still finding out what i really want. but not just for myself anymore, but for my family. it is still all there and out there and all i have to do choose and make it work. i am forever thankful that blogging existed when i needed it the most. inspiration is a very strong motivation. 

i know i am going to be happy wherever life takes me and i want to put it in writing about what i feel now.

i recently created another blog account for a project i am working on. no financial help from anyone, nothing.  just passion and lots and lots of positive thinking :)

i wish i knew