Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When i look at you - take two

Naomi was asked to sing on the spot for the second time at the school's foundation day  program while the judges tally the scores for the dance competition. We weren't expecting that she was going to sing again so we had to improvise for the music since we didn't have the karaoke cd that time and we also didn't have enough time to get  it back in the house. good thing, my sister had a copy of  miley's song from her cellphone  so we just handed it over to the person in charge of the sound system. obviously they had problems trying to make it work.

I think it's pretty obvious in this video that my daughter was a little bit upset. She  was not as confident and lively as she was the day before. The school's foundation celebration had a dance competition and she was upset  that her group was not able to represent their class. The reason for this was, the class was not prepared to perform, they were very uncooperative during practice days. She was so into this whole dance contest and she worked really hard rehearsing all the dance moves she choreographed herself. She even made her own dance mix (several of it actually) to make it more appealing and encourage the whole class to join, but they were consistently stubborn. But, despite all the troubles and frustrations she encountered, i am a proud  to say that my daughter handled things quite well. She showed traits of determination, initiative, and resourcefulness right up until the last minute. I hated seeing her disappointed that way, but SHE'S A TOUGH ONE.

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