Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inspiration List

I decided to make a list (to organize my thoughts) 
of  things i want to post as a photoblog on tumblr and blogger. 

Here they are: 
Inspired by Vintage
Recent Reads
Inspiration Wall
Black and White
Pretty in Pink
Rainy days
Collection of Mugs (i have a fetish for mugs)
Music & Lyrics
Favorite Quotes & Poems 
Interior Designs: white inspired , teal inspired, minimalist, shabby looks, bedroom
What i want to wear
Teen fashion 
My love for shoes: boots, wedges, heels 
Abstract Arts: Paintings, Wall Frames 
My favorite rockstars & actors
Cutest baby pictures
Tinnie Tiny Flickr Inspired
My sketches
Kitchen & Cooking
Favorite Food
Strawberries & Cakes


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