Monday, November 22, 2010

a few things i want

or wish i have.

a large bed space so i can have
a little fun with our room sometimes
   i want this hat!   
i think i found something like it in surplus.
and, i also have been wanting
to cut my hair really short 
for like forever... i just need to lose some weight first.
i am buying this book.
but i have a few things to pay first before 
i buy a little something for myself.
i plan to put up an inspiration board in our room.
this will really be so fun to do with the girls.
i would like to re-paint an old dresser
if only my mom will allow me to have hers and paint it red.
i've felt annoyed and negative about everything lately. 
mostly about this certain person and stuff that this person do.
and it helps to be in my wonderland sometimes
where i can be happy about something to turn my mood around.
 this is what i came up with- a few of things that inspired me today.

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