Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday Girl

how time flies!
my dear sweet, smart and lovely little girl turned 8 today. 
it only seems like yesterday that i went through that traumatic delivery
and look at her now.
every year on her birthday, i always intend and try to give her what she deserves
because she has been a very well behaved, smart and funny little pretty girl
who we love so much. 
soon she will be too grown up and she won't need me as much.
Happy Birthday my dear Saskia Francesca
We love you SO very much!
you get more beautiful everyday sweetie! 

 from left: agatha, cheska, larence( her classmate) 
and the cute little 3 years old joshua

this time on the left is jaimee- who is sick, naomi at the back,
and baby beatrix and alyssa.

and of course, with her lovely mom. ehem.

i am contemplating throwing (still) a party for cheska,
because she has not had a "real" party since she was small.
last time we gave her one was when she was 4 years old, and no one really came.
unfortunately they we're all busy and away.
so to make up for all that, i still plan to give her a birthday party
(whatever it takes. even if i have to swallow my pride)

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