Monday, March 14, 2011

weekend recap

here's a recap of  my weekend:

(the dreadful) friday night.
aside from watching cnn to keep myself updated with the news about the tsunami 
that was supposed to arrive in the Philippines 9:55 GMT (around 5:55-6ish pm our time), 
i diverted my thoughts on watching american idol via youtube. (our cable sux)
 my favorite is casey abrams. 
i hated randy for choosing ashton, while jLo picked stefano
instead of robbie rosen.
 he is a very very talented musician-song writer and i think
has what it takes to be the next american idol, really. 
and he's really a sweetheart! 
i actually thought of him as the next barry manilow.
i do not understand why these judges didn't pick him. 

 my kids are now able to enjoy this game with the portable DSi.
it's addictive! it's like i am taken back to my childhood and learning all
the techniques all over again! cheska is actually better than me. 
of course i haven't played this game for a long time and the levels are not easy.
 i was even bragging that i can beat them.
well, i haven't. yet.
and on sunday night 
 not as bad as i expected from renee zellweger.
case 39 is better than the last exorcism (this movie is awful),
but not as good as orphan.  

hope y'all had a great weekend! 

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