Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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today, i started following pinoy bloggers. i randomly picked two blogs, one of them is thedramaqueencantellstories. i started checking out other filipino bloggers to see if i can find a blog i would look forward to visit everyday. i found some that are simple (i get bored easily), and some that are interesting. most of their posts are very general related to things i found on the web. i wish i could write so much more like these talented writers but i do not possess the ability to share- in writing, my day to day experiences or thoughts about things. i just need to be inspired i think. and honestly, i don't like writing so much where i tell you what my day's been like because really, like you care... 

but, since i've gone public with my blog, i have decided to make some changes here. i am going to make an effort to be more open to the idea that my blog can be viewed by random citizens. with a warning, i have a tendency to be cranky and bitter and the person i usually talk to is me. i argue with myself. i mutter about my laziness and my mistakes, i smile, i sigh, and roll my eyes☺. it seems life is never enough. but despite all the things i have mentioned in all of my entries about being sad and feeling lost or whatever, i still consider myself as the lucky one who can take things, emotions, memories, and use them to inspire myself and also those who seek inspiration out here on the web. there are far worse situations out there, so why shouldn't I be waking up smiling everyday?

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