Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami in Japan 2011

i am hesitant to post something as heartbreaking as this, but i feel, it is something that we should all think about and ask ourselves how are we ever going to cope up if this sudden catastrophe happens to our country, or any place where we live with our loved ones? just by thinking about it makes me feel helpless.

i really hope and pray that every country, every government, every citizen, is doing their part to save our old and very sick earth. i wish our government is doing something about it. this devastating tragedy is the very example of our ignorance. we need to help raise the environmental consciousness esp. here in our country. so please please, for the sake of our future, wake up and do good deeds for mother earth. plant a tree, stop smoking, stop buying bottled water, eat vegetables more than meat,  (and why if you may ask? because meat poultry business is using a  large scale of our forest land/deforestation)  little things like these, are actually huge steps for saving the lives of our kids and their future. so act now before it's too late!
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