Monday, April 11, 2011

bad moods

i have been feeling a little bit off the last couple of weeks and it is obviously shown around here. i always blame it on the hormones. yes, female hormone is usually the culprit for this type of unexplained sudden mood switch. this is how we are wired from conception until we reach the age of 45 according to Louann Brizendine M.D author of this intriguing book The Female Brain. 

i am very familiar with this craziness and i know it will pass, but when i am in it, it's always a little bit hard to handle and do something. but i will be back to my old giddy self soon for sure. i am just lucky i have a family who always make me laugh especially my little one. and here i thought i had the most sunget kid until i recently witnessed nicole's tantrums. oh well, as parents we all go through that and we eventually learn to handle it. that is why, with cheska, i am a little bit calmer. my eldest would tell me i am spoiling our youngest. i guess i have. it's just that, i have been a hands on mom with my two eldest daughters when they were little, and look at them now, they are all grown up and soon they won't be needing me as much as they needed me when they were kids. soon they will have their own decisions to make. i won't be the "boss" in their lives anymore. the one who makes decisions for them like what clothes to wear, what movies to watch, what food to eat, the one who reminds them to do their chores before they can go out and hang out with friends. and so with francesca, i simply just want to enjoy her unique self. her ability to make me smile even when she rolls her eyes when i try to explain and teach her something, her standard so-not-speaking-to-you attitude when she doesn't get what she wants because she can't boss me around, and a couple of few other styles she does to make me say OK or YES (music to her ears)... her little throw fits amuses me. adults throw tantrums too, and sometimes even worse. but i have learned my lessons and i have so much control over my temper now. time is very fast. our little babies will grow up magically in our eyes and these funny, annoying temper tantrums will just be one of those memories we laugh about when we exchange stories over dinner.

so when your little brat throws a fit at you, never (ever!) be violent with them. breathe...
tantrums are a fact of life when you have kids. deal with it gracefully. i know, i have... i think. 
First Grade 4th Honor .
Cheska was being stubborn and moody all because she didn't like her hair style.

i still find it adorably cute.

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