Wednesday, June 8, 2011

naomi's birthday

last saturday, we celebrated naomi's 15th birthday at the malayan plaza hotel. we all had a great time and i wish we had more vacations like this. the day before that though, i was still undecided whether or not we should push through with the plans considering school starts in a few days and i still have to pay the school fees and buy a lot of school stuff. my sister offered to pay half of the hotel bill. it was her idea anyway so i decided to go for it and worry about breaking my budget after. i really wanted to have a swimming weekend for naomi and the rest of the kids too. we didn't plan an outing this year and because money was tight, the kids spent their entire vacation indoors. sure we got invited to a swimming party, but it's different when it's your own family weekend affair. i thought this could be our chance to enjoy before busy schedule starts this school year.  and so we did!!!

the hotel was spacious and modern. we got the studio suite perfect for family. we brought our airbeds since the room is just for two adults and two kids, and we're like more than four. hahaha. we were discreet of course when we checked in. we were there for the pool anyway.

 i truly couldn't ask for a perfect weekend. hope your weekend was awesome too! 


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