Wednesday, August 3, 2011

as of late

so what's keeping me from blogging? bitTorrent. ever since i learned how to use it, i have been downloading like crazy. ok not really. just movies i really like that i wasn't able to see in theaters. can you blame me? i don't want to spend money on pirated dvd's and it is absolutely cheaper because it's free.  i don't feel guilty at all that i am one of those who uses this free software. it is not my fault that our technology is evolving. the "smart ones" just have to find some other ways to make this whole thing work for everyone. 

  here are some of my favorite feel good movies i recommend
if you are such a sucker for a good love story. 

Adjustment Bureau - 4 stars -
Waiting for forever - 3 stars
Stardust - 3.5 stars
Waitress - 4 stars

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