Friday, August 26, 2011


It's linggo ng wika (week of Philippine language) at my daughters' school today. this event is celebrated to rekindle our national spirits by doing traditional activities in school like wearing filipiniana- our native costume, do a stage play, or sing a tagalog song. i would love nothing but see my girls sing again, but in tagalog? i'm not sure. saskia only learned to speak fluent tagalog last year because we always spoke to her in english.

this year is the first linggo ng wika i was excited to attend. why? because i bought the very first filipiniana costume ever for my daughter. with the two older sisters i would normally just borrow from relatives to save money because i don't want to spend for something they would only wear once. they grow up so fast and these costumes are expensive for a one day affair. last night though, as i walk around the costume racks, i stood there for two hours deciding whether i should get one for both naomi and saskia. i remembered alyssa has this maria clara outfit so that was a relief. i dont need to get one for naomi. and then i decided to get one for saskia. i picked a larger size so she could use it again next year and for the coming years until it doesn't fit here it is, 

saskia francesca wearing a baro't saya with agatha
 and guess what, she was nominated for best costume!
naomi wearing a very simple maria clara outfit

here's how it really looks like.
though i'm a little creeped out by showing you
these black and white pictures i got from google images.
i hope i don't get haunted!

  was really into the whole celebration
so i took pictures of random students
and just when i was enjoying the whole picture taking, 
the camera died. shoot..

i had fun anyway... and looking forward to next year's linggo ng wika.

♥ ♥ ♥

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