Sunday, August 7, 2011

exam week

it's going to be a very busy week ahead because it's exam week!
my two young teens have been studying really hard. alyssa for her upcat test and naomi for the quarterly exams. saskia is, well, we goof around most of the time while reviewing. she's a smart kid. so she always manage get high grades.

i'm showing this picture of saskia annoyed at me for trying to steal a nice shot of her while checking some art and crafts book at national bookstore. she's been avoiding the camera ever since she saw her picture on my blog.

 first attempt

cheska: mommy! i don't like! 
you're just going to show it on your blog!
mommy: just one shot baby.
cheska: nooo! (annoyed) 

second attempt 
cheska: i knew it! mommy!
mommy: fine, ok no more, promise.  
i guess, no means no.

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