Wednesday, August 3, 2011

squash soup

this is my very first cooking post. i thought i could wait for my dslr to arrive before i start posting anything about food, but why should i keep myself from doing that just because i don't have a nice camera? so anyway, the image above is not my own but it is exactly how my squash soup had turned out. i like cooking and i enjoy watching cooking shows like Top Chef. sometimes i wish i had their skills and talent, and their palates! I am absolutely a huge fan of this reality show and my favorites are michael voltaggio, angelo sosa and jennifer carroll. i really felt sooo bad when jennifer was eliminated so early in the all star season. i am also still very bitter that they send a very talented and passionate chef angelo home because of his salty soup. he is a great chef and they could have given him another chance. see? it's been four months and i still can't get over it!

back to the squash soup, i made this last monday. it was so easy to do. the ingredients are squash (kalabasa in filipino) onions, 2 cloves of garlic, chicken stock or chicken bouillon, thyme, salt and pepper and cream/nestle cream. this is served hot. you can add bacon bits or any garnish you want. try it! it's good and healthy especially for the kids.

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