Thursday, February 10, 2011

i have a reader

an anonymous reader sent me a message and wanted me to comment about angelo reyes. i am actually surprised that i even have a reader/s out there and a little embarrassed to be honest. this blog is a personal journal and created to inspire myself, my family and people who can relate. this is not intended to impress anyone. i am not the know-it-all-type. i don't even write very well for crying out loud. i have become addicted to blogging because i have noticed that blogging can be an art. apparently, not all bloggers are geeks.

but, since it was requested... let me just say, that a person will only take his own life because he has a sick brain to begin with. and, he did it because he was ashamed, guilty, lost, victim and most of all a burden to his family (eventually). all these emotional feelings mixed up altogether made his brain release some sort of a "suicide hormone". he was too brave (actually) and feared nothing and no one. that's what happened.

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