Monday, March 28, 2011

first time, first run, oh what feeling is this ♪♫

this is me, after a 3k fun run experience with walking and running in between.
just wanted to let you all know,
i am a lazy walker, hence, i don't jog and i don't join marathons.
but since my dear cousin michelle invited me and my girls
to join their office event, i decided, heck, why not.
this is naomi and she's 14 years old. i am proud to say, this was her first fun-run experience and she was one of the first 100 who finished the 3k race. i' am not surprised at all because she is the sporty one in the family, although i was a little worried when she ran ahead of us with her sister alyssa. i was thinking, what's the worst thing that could happen in a "FUN RUN" right? i guess none. I'm just being a protective mom always looking out for the safety of my girls.  
but there is one funny story i would like to share.
a couple of minutes before the 3k batch started, there was a group of boys loudly making jokes. maybe trying to get some attention so the girls would notice them. they went in front of  alyssa and naomi at the start line. when the race began, these boys ran wildly like little kids (these are teens by the way) a couple of minutes later, naomi caught up with these guys and she ran past them. when they saw naomi, the boys suddenly and excitedly tried to follow her but they couldn't keep up with her pace, so they stopped and started walking again as they gasped for air. i was like all smiles when chi and alyssa told me about this encounter with the boys.
after the race everybody was up for breakfast 
which is always a good reward after some hard work.
for me that was really tough (and hard work). i have never done it 
before so i needed some reward. haha. 

that same day, 
we had the privilege of learning to play golf for free!

pictures taken at intramuros golf course and country club. 

everyone had an awesome golfing experience. 
and we shall return! we hope so!

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