Monday, May 9, 2011

here comes the rain again

it's been raining for three days and the temperature is exactly what i needed! just a week ago there was summer, and you could wear your summer dresses, shorts and even just your underwear inside your house because of this unbearable heat! And now the rain is giving us the cold wind, but i am also praying this weather will not kill anyone due to landslides or flood. It's common that May is like this, changing back and forth until the real rainy season arrives, or summer. you'll never know because this year's weather is crazy!

writing something on a windy weather makes me feel totally refreshed and peaceful. i have two saved drafts which i intend to post this week, however, i am having trouble with blogger right now so i switched to the old editor just to be able to post something. i don't know if it's just my site or blogger has technical issues again, or probably updating. so i am letting you guys know i am just waiting for blogger to fix this problem and will soon post recent events and nice photos.

have a wonderful, relaxing week with the nice weather, family, lovely friends, good laughs, and good food!

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