Sunday, May 8, 2011

mother's day

to be honest,  i keep re-editing this post because i am really having a hard time trying to make an impression that i have a good relationship with my mom. i cannot write descriptively without mentioning what i really feel.
truth is, i don't have a proud relationship with my mother, but i am not saying i have an awful one either.
we just don't have a very close relationship.
 my mom worked really hard her whole life and she struggled being a working mom to four kids. she was very young when she married and have little experience with relationships, and probably one of the reason why we're not very open to her. she dealt with everything alone with no inspiration from anyone or anything.
the only motivation she had was us, her kids.
then problems came... we've had a lot of arguments during my adolescent years.

as i became an adult, a mom, and grew emotionally, i came to see,
that long ago hurt feelings doesn't have to reside in your heart.
you let go eventually because you understand better now.
every time i try to picture how she strove so hard to make ends meet, i realized,
my mom is the bravest, toughest, and hard working mom i know.
she raised four children all by herself, clueless why her life had to be the way they were.
i don't know how she dealt with her emotions but somehow she kept her sanity because she had to,
she did it for us, and that is truly amazing quality of her
the one i will always admire.

i love this wedding picture of my parents.they are both gorgeous, don't you think?
mom pregnant either with me or my brother andrew (andy), not really sure.
happy mother's day to all the mothers in the world!

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