Monday, May 23, 2011

monday blues

i began my day feeling grumpy maybe because i woke up feeling very hot, my lower back aches, and i still feel a little pain on my right foot. i recently had an accident and sprained my ankle and now have a huge lump on the right side of it and a bruise on the other side. it's been only four days since that stupid accident happened and it still hurts when i walk. i was told it usually takes a couple of weeks to heal.

right now we are getting ready to go to a swimming party for kids, however, i am not all that excited given my current physical condition, and because we have to pay for the resort's entrance fee. what a bummer right? it's a bit of a problem as i have limited amount of money to spend for the whole week so i don't know how i would go about that today. oh well, this kind of situations are usually what i don't want to write about on my blog.

anyways, i have to end this post already because my girls are rushing me to leave now. i will post pictures when i get back.

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