Sunday, May 22, 2011

what is your theme?

hello! i hope you made the best of your weekend and hopefully all of us will face another beautiful day tomorrow. this week seemed to be very long because of the ridiculous weather we had each and every day. the heat is still killing me, but i am thankful God had poured us some rain this week, and hopefully summer will be over soon. anyhoo, for my post, i'm thinking i should start creating a theme each day and just redo it every week. like this for example:

sunday - sunday bonday - occasions and stuff that involves my family and people close to my heart.
monday- monday blues - feelings and thoughts, and because i hate mondays, i'm usually grouchy and sad on this particular day.
tuesday- tuesday treasures & treats
wednesday- wediscoveries about fashion, food, and whatever else i stumble upon.
thursday- dreamy thursday
friday- friday i'm inlove- features everything i love and admire, and things i'm obsessed with.
saturday- saturday arts and interiors

hmmm, i don't necessarily have to do this permanently, i just need to see if it will make things easier for me to decide what to blog. so beginning next week, i will follow these themes. ciao!

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